Primary Platforms

As internet marketers there is a lot of controversy as to which social media platforms are the best. Certain platforms have certain benefits for specific marketing needs, and it is important to identify these before building an internet marketing plan and implementing it. Here we’ll take a look at the different platforms available to us, and identify which ones have the strongest effect depending on the function we are looking for as modern marketers in an online world.

Major and commonly known social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as Periscope and Snapchat. There is however, a very long list of others. According to the 60secondmarketer there is some distinction between the functions of each of the platforms they recommend based on the purpose the platform will serve. Perhaps these purposes might include networking, promotion or sharing (2015). Using the most commonly used platforms for an example to demonstrate each of these three uses for social media marketing, Facebook can be seen as a networking tool. Where others such as Instagram and Twitter can be used for both promotion and sharing, the primary focus of Facebook and other similar platforms such as Friendster and LinkedIn is to allow people and businesses to connect and communicate.

To see a more extensive list of Social media platforms and their specific benefits in respect to their functions check out this link:

Social Media Icons

When it comes to promotion, there is another long list of platforms which assist marketers in both business and brand promotion, as well as individuals in sharing. Beyond Instagram and Twitter we can evaluate similar platforms such as Pinterest, Tumblr and reddit which are directed at allowing people to browse their own interests. This gives opportunity for marketers to not only develop and implement marketing efforts and brand promotion online, but also the ability to start feeding the flame and start working towards a balanced online marketing effort using the Tri-Factor of earned, paid and owned media.

For more information on owned, paid, and earned media check out or blog post on the top this link:

Evaluating this information it becomes evident that we can apply our online marketing efforts a little more precisely. If trying to build an audience for a product or service for example, we must first evaluate the product or service itself as well as the end consumer of those products or services. From there we can identify what platforms our consumers use and are most responsive to and develop an online marketing plan based on the three factors of paid, owned and earned media to ensure success.

It is important to note that while earned media is limited when launching a new brand, as aspiring marketers we must strive to innovate and develop powerful marketing content and tactics and really get the buzz going that fires up our consumers and audiences so that there is no lag time and brand equity can develop quickly.

Check out our next post on media content and how to develop and apply it with ease and success.


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