Press # for More Likes

The futur is now and it has redefined a once nearly useless telephone prompt used for prompt like reasons. The bulk of what it is used for today is to amuse the ever increasing popularity and value of social media on both a personal level and in the marketing industry. So, today we will identify and explain the use of hashtags

There are several social media platforms with which the hashtag can drive followers and popularity of specific posts. Many individual users with limited followers on their social media platform of choice will merely use the hashtag as a fun way to caption their photographs. However, marketers and individuals that operate their personal social media accounts as a brand or face for their company know that there is greater value in understanding the benefits and proper use of a hashtag to drive not only popularity but also increase accessibility to users who may fall into target audiences or potential consumers.

hashtag batman

According to Kevin Lee from Buffer Social, the true value of a hashtag is that it reaches beyond those who are merely following you and those who are interested in what it is you have tagged (2015).

So what is a hashtag and how do we use it? And whats the benefit?

A hashtag is a pound or hash symbol followed directly by a keyword. The “science” behind it is that no matter the platform being used, hashtags create an opportunity for people with similar interest to what it is you are posting, to be able to find the post that much easier simply by searching the tag. The benefit of this is accessibility to consumers and target audiences but furthermore, marketers have gained the ability to hone in and target exactly who it is they want their content to be viewed by.

Lee(2015) further discusses however that with each social media platform come certain specifics that hash taggers should be weary of. He suggests that hashtags on different platforms will offer different  results. For example, and most commonly used for hashtags, Instagram is a case in which the number of hashtags you put in a post will not influence the audiences like or dislike of the post. Twitter and Facebook however are limited in those regards. Statistics and surveys taken by Edgerank Checker have shown that the use of hashtags on Facebook will actually reduce the overall effect of posts which could result in negative associations with your posts. Similarly to Instagram however, Twitter is another platform that our companies and users can implement hashtags with a see greater success through the increase in accessibility.

There is an ocean of words waiting to be hash tagged. On a final note however, we point out to our marketers that when brainstorming keywords, certain words will often retain far higher rates of viewer interest and so doing research on hashtags or searching certain hashtags and viewing how others are using them for their own perhaps similar posts can be highly beneficial. For example comparing two hashtags for the same topic, #food vs #deliciousgoodnessmadeinheaven will clearly have a large discrepancy between how many people are actually searching the tag. So, make sure that you think before you tag and you’ll be driving your likes up in no time.


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