Content Creation

In an online world, businesses and individuals are always striving to post that picture or video or blog that gets all the likes and shared with thousands of people. We’ve seen a lot come and go and even more go and fail. Often times it can be discouraging and make us wonder how people even get 4k likes without being famous or a household name brand. How else will you become a YouTube Superstar or the next Dan Bilzerian of Instagram. This post will look at the term content in an online marketing environment and different ways in which content can be both created and applied to drive followings and get you the likes you and your brand deserve.

First we will distinguish what it takes for any online marketer or content curator to be successful and then we will look at the actual creation process. Maggie Hibma discusses the most important habits for successful content creators to possess. At the top of her list, successful content creators must always stay updated with news related to their industry. This is significant because we must always know what innovations, campaigns and competitive strategies are taking place and getting traction. Next she identifies writing regularly. This is limited to blogging but as artists in thousands of different professions we know the importance of daily exercising and training so that our skills don’t just linger where they are, but develop and improve. This is true as much as it is for a musician as it is for someone who wants to get 4k likes on an Instagram post. The third habit is to always be creating content. Similarly to our second habit this ties into practice your trade. The 4th element of a strong creator is to always network. Building a network of artists, web graphic designers, video specialists and photographers will only improve your chances of creating endlessly engaging and awesome content. The final habit and most important one for innovators in the marketing industry is to always question everything (2013).

Content creation

Now that we understand the rituals of a powerful web content creator, we can put two and two together to identify what it takes as far as the actual content. Foremost we must understand the segments and audiences of our brand and then distinguish what platforms they use most. From here it boils down to the actual creation process. According to Debbie Hemley a writer on the topic of social media content creation, the most significantly important factors in the success of content creation include aligning your goals with what you are creating and sharing, engaging in real interactions, increasing postings, as well as analyzing data and metrics (2013).

The significance of alignment between your goals and your content is so that your content is not just stabs in the dark which occasionally grab traction and succeed. Rather, understanding your segments and distinguishing your goals such as brand awareness, or pre-sale initiatives help us understand the key factors necessary for meeting those goals based on our audiences interest as well as consumer behaviours. An increase in daily or weakly postings is evident in that we can get in front of our audiences more frequently and our branding can start its rise to domestication. This ties in to analyzing data and metrics because increasing our posts will give us more data on the kinds of content which our market segment is most interested in. Measure your success and mimmick them. Don’t hesitate to try new ideas, but remember, don’t go stabbing in the dark. The final tip for increasing the success of your content is to engage in real interactions. Don’t hesitate to initiate conversations with your following or fans. Doing so builds brand loyalty and consumer relationship which results in more shares and more followers and likes.

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