Content Creation

In an online world, businesses and individuals are always striving to post that picture or video or blog that gets all the likes and shared with thousands of people. We’ve seen a lot come and go and even more go and fail. Often times it can be discouraging and make us wonder how people even […]

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Primary Platforms

As internet marketers there is a lot of controversy as to which social media platforms are the best. Certain platforms have certain benefits for specific marketing needs, and it is important to identify these before building an internet marketing plan and implementing it. Here we’ll take a look at the different platforms available to us, […]

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Press # for More Likes

The futur is now and it has redefined a once nearly useless telephone prompt used for prompt like reasons. The bulk of what it is used for today is to amuse the ever increasing popularity and value of social media on both a personal level and in the marketing industry. So, today we will identify […]

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Analyzing Analytics

Traditionally, the bulk of a marketers work is to either be creative, or apply statistical data and conceptually rationalize the feasibility and success of their creativity. Online marketing however is a whole other ball game when it comes down to statistics inference and application of campaigns to target markets. Luckily Tanzibad Marketing is here to give you […]

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Media, Online.

Media today comes in all shapes and colours. As modern marketers we have to prevail above an ocean of competition and background noise in the world of tradition advertising. Some fifteen years it took until we have come to a world of modern advertising. Technology has evolved and with it a mass percentage of the […]

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